Brenda is an Artist, Activist and a Native New Yorker. Born and raised in the East Village, she moved to East Harlem in 1997 and has lived here ever since. If you see her out walking her toy poodle, Honeey, please say hello! 


Brian has been a 20+ veteran of the community and has seen a lot of positive change in our community since moving here in January 2000. His enthusiasm and care for the neighborhood started in the early 2000’s when he worked with the parks department and city to have trees planted along East 99th Street! Brian has known Brenda for many years, and they shared common goals and ideals to help keep our community clean, safe and support our many local businesses. 


Melissa has lived in the community since 2020 after moving to New York to help out during the pandemic. She enjoys community involvement and finds it especially rewarding to support her neighbors and friends in creating an enjoyable outdoor space. 


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